Friday, 24 February 2017

Amigurumi Clinic

Finally I'm able to sit down and write a blog post this week.

I would like to say I've been busy working on fun projects but I've been having to help out at Duttons. We had a lass of sick so I've been there most days this week and I've had no time to do any crochet work.

The main reason for this post is because I keep forgetting to write on this blog about a really exciting event i have coming up next week.

On Thursday 2nd of March I will be hosting an Amigurumi clinic it The York Makery in York, UK (link take you to the events page)

Its starts at 2.30pm till 5.30pm and its completely free.

What is it? A New Event! Come along to a drop in session at The York Makery, where crochet designer Liz Ward will be offering demonstrations, tips, tricks and advice on all things crochet and amigurumi. Not sure how to attach limbs? Having trouble getting faces right? Just need a quick demo of a specific stitch? Or not sure which yarn to use for a specific pattern? Then come along and see us! Liz will also be offering advice on her own range of patterns, and might even bring some samples for you to squish.

This first event is totally free of charge, and you can come for five minutes, or for the whole time - hope to see some of you there, with your crocheted loveliness!


So please come along if you are in the area, its gonna be fun.

This weekend I'll be working on some projects that I'll be taking to show how to do various demonstrations on. 

I was also hoping on getting a few new patterns in my etsy pattern shop this week but I have ordered a new lighting box for taking better close up photos and I'm going to wait to list the new patterns till that arrives.

I did have fun last weekend creating the new set of water babies.

 I started with the crab. I already had this pattern I just changed a couple of things to fit the water-babies style. 
 I the went on to create a new design for the narwhal. I was going to go grey for this one but after having a bright orange crab I decided to go away from realistic colours/

 These three came very quickly after the first two. a starfish, ray and a new baby seahorse. I honestly didn't think I could go smaller on a seahorse that the fins and flipper design I had already done. The spiral in the tail couldn't be made smaller while still working in the round.
I had a lucky moment of inspiration and an idea formed and after a couple of tied it worked perfectly. You can see in the photo that the seahorse is gripped around a pencil. thats because his tail really does wrap naturally around things. I was trying to get a photo of him on my little finger but was a bit tricky with only one hand. He really is adorable and I think this set it worth it for him alone.

 I got five made last Saturday and then finished the set with this little turtle on Sunday.

As I said I'm waiting for a new light box before I photo these properly, get the pattern typed up and in my shop. I think these guys are so cute they deserve the best photos I can take. It'll make the pattern a week later that I hoped but I'll be happier about it when its released. 

Thats all the news for this week. Hope to see some of you at the York Makery next week.

If you are looking for a pattern to start this weekend. Why not check out my etsy pattern shop. I have over 150 designs and I'm adding new ones all the time. Make sure you favorite my shop to keep up to date.

Happy crocheting
Love Liz xxx

Monday, 13 February 2017

Love crochet

 This has been a bit of a strange week. I took a couple of afternoons off to re-charge and ended up not getting much done at all.
 I have updated a few patterns and done a couple of magazine commissions but its been a quiet working week.

I can share some magazine things that are out this month.

Love crochet magazine has quite a few of my patterns in this month.
 My dress up cats and my sheep draught excluder to start.

 I also got a nice little write up in there too.

 I re-created my bunting necklace but turned it into hearts for this design.

 My amigurumi picnic and slippers were also featured.

Finally my child's sun hat 

These patterns can also be found in my Etsy pattern shop

On the weekend I was joined by my friend and fellow crochet designer Steffi Glaves for a research and fun trip to the Sea life centre in Scarborough
 This is me and Steffi being very cold on the long walk round the coast to the centre. It was windy and cold,and I nearly lost my lovely fair isle hat that I knit myself. The sea was so majestic however we felt like very stoic Victorian ladies out for a promenade

 Lots of wonderful fishes, jelly fishes, rays, sharks and turtles were seen and lots of inspiration gained. I think I could do another two sets of water baby designs after seeing so many things I wanted to make.

 Me and Steffi had another reason to celebrate as for the first time we are both published in the same magazine.

In this months Inside crochet you will find these amazing tiny forget-me not earrings and pendant set that is design by my lovely Seffi Glaves
 My flamingo couple are also in this magazine. I had designed these so that their necks would form a heart in the photo but I like the way the magazine went better. They look so in love and happy :)
It so great to be next to a friend in print. it makes me very happy.

 I'm not going to list the patterns I've updated as we are getting to the point were nearly all of them have been. I do have a running list on Instagram if you do want to see them, you can follow me I'm @lizwardcrochet

The pattern shop has been busy this week and thats great . Ive also been left some lovely feedback. Its great to know that you are all loving the new pattern layout. Its been a labor of love getting them all changed but I feel like its worth it when I hear how much you like them.

Thats it for this week. Happy crocheting, love Liz

Monday, 6 February 2017

Cats and patterns

This I have mainly been working on two big commissions for a magazine. the first being a blanket, that has lead to most of my photo this week being along the lines of the ones below.

 Blanket and half a cat
 All cats under blanket (this ended in a fight)
 Cassi under blanket.
 Cal in the way as I was ripping yarn out for a project.

There was really only so much blanket crocheting I could do in one day so I gave myself a goal of 10 rows a day and I averaged 5, oops. It did manage to get finished and it off on its travels now.

In between blanket making, I had time to update loads of patterns. I also found a few patterns that hadn't been in etsy shop before.
I'll list below:
 Ballerina - pattern come with flowers and extra ballet pumps
 Bright bunting - pattern also shows how to make the tiny pom poms

Neon dip coin purse
 Rainbow sheep
 Fritz owl

 Flappy and sleepy owl

 Owl doorstop

Water babies set
 Amigurumi dogs
 Tea cosy

There is loads more but its taking ages to upload photos so I'll leave it there for now. I am about half way through changing all the patterns. I'm really happy with how they are looking. It really inspiring me to add to pattern sets and make up more. The ideas book is getting very full at the mo.

The second Katniss Hunger games - Catching fire cowl is finished. I have the pattern ready to go I'm just waiting for a few spare minutes to type it up and put it in my etsy shop. This finished cowl will also be going up for sale and I will be taking custom orders, message me for details.

Finally this week I've sorted the packs of accessorizes to go with the Omnipom patterns
This are in my shop and you can find them here 

More Omnipoms are on the way but here is a work in progress shot.

Well thats it for today. I may do a mid week post this week as I'm in a few more crochet magazines than normal this month and it could make a nice post.

If you like my pattern please have a look in my Etsy pattern shop. Only by selling patterns can I continue to do this work I love and make more cute things. Happy crocheting, Love Liz

Monday, 30 January 2017

Katniss cowl

Last week I shared a picture of another project I'm working on for my friend and cosplayer Ashley-Rae. Little wolf cosplay
This was the first finished part of the cowl/shield worn by Katniss Everdeen in The Huger games Catching fire.
The cowl is made by weaving and plaiting yarn to create a really dense fabric.

 These screen shots are from the film. You can see the part I have made above it the top part of the neck.

I then crocheted into this neck piece to widen it. I had made lots of plaits in different widths and intended to sew these together to form the main body of the piece. As I started to crochet the top I came up with a better idea. I created a full base of crochet with open parts in which I could sew in the plaits.

 This was the base. Its just pinned to Miranda in this. I had made the pieces out of paper first to get the right shape and size, and then crocheted them to fit Ashley-Rae. I then sewed all the plaits onto this base.

 This is the nearly finished cowl. Pinned into place on Ashley-Rae.

 The back.
The finished back.
So this is the finished piece. Its fits perfectly which is good. I am very happy with it and I love how intricate it has turned out. I really enjoyed making it, so much that I was crocheting so fast to get the base pieces finished. I did make this completely free hand but I was thinking about writing a pattern as I made it.

I decided to re make it and simplify it slightly and write a pattern.

So far I have the top part re-done and I've taken step by step photos. I have also recreated all the base pieces and so I just have the plaits to re-make and to sew together. I think the pattern should be ready by the end of the week.

In other news this week I have completed three magazine commissions a have continued to work on my larger commissions of the blanket and rug.

The blanket is now big enough that one of the cats can fit under it. Its a bit of a battle which one get to though. I don't think either of them are happy in this photo.

I haven't updated any patterns this week. I been quite busy. I have added a few new patterns to my etsy shop.

These I had in mind for Chinese new year.
My lucky cats. Pattern has instruction for a large and small cat, plus a pot of gold and is available here £4 (not including VAT)

 Also for Chinese new year, as its the year of the rooster I have added my pot holder pattern. you can find it here and it is only £2.50

Finally this week I have added my Babushka tea cosy pattern to my pattern shop. I plan to release a tea cosy pattern every month this year. you can find the first one here just £3

 Again, thank you to everyone who has bought patterns and left such lovely feedback this week. My holiday fund is growing slowly and its all thanks to you. Love Liz xxx